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metal fram work


Lucitone FRS

Lucitone FRS is a nylon based material which allows the partial to have more flexibility. A FRS partial is impact resistant, comfortable, and non-allergenic (metal and monomer free). FRS comes in pink, clear, and dark pink.

Avoid Embarrassment Dentures (AED)

Accidents happen and dentures become broken, lost, or damaged beyond repair. Avoid Embarrassment Dentures (AED) is an inexpensive duplication of the denture. (Fabricated at the time of the perminit denture fabrication) To be worn while denture is being repaired or relined.

Night Guards

Utah Dental Lab offers a variety of night guards made with many different materials including:

  • Astron clear splint
  • Hard night guard
  • Soft night guard
  • Mora night guard

Custom Trays

Custom designed tray to aid in a more accurate impression.

Full and Partial Acrylic Dentures

At Utah Dental Lab we make full and partial acrylic dentures to fit each patient's specific requirements. We offer a variety of acrylics:

  • Characterized Lucitone: Heat cured denture based acrylic with long fibers to create a realistic look.
  • Lucitone 199: A heat cured denture base that offers high impact, resistance, and strength.
  • Lab acrylic: A quality economic heat cured denture base.

Partial Frameworks

Utah Dental Lab can make any framework to your specification. We offer 3 types of partial framework: alloys, wironium, vitallium, and nobilstar ultra. We can also make clear partial frameworks using our clear FRS. These are great alternative when there is a metal allergy.


At Utah Dental Lab, we have technicians skilled in implant supported dentures. For more information on implant supported dentures contact our office at 801-278-4474.


Dental device fabricated to replace a few missing teeth. We offer flippers in any of our acrylics.

Bite Opener

For patients with limited vertical we offer flippers with a bite opener.

Bite Blocks

Wax occusal rims to get a accurate bite registration.

Color Chips

We have a variety of acrylic colors. Our color chips help aide in your choice of an acrylic color


See what your dental prosthetic will look like before being processed in acrylic.

Surgical Stint

Surgical Stints help aid in oral surgery for bone reduction or implant placement.

Soft Line Full Dentures

At Utah Dental Lab we offer soft lined denture bases using a molloplast soft liner. It is a silicone based permanent liner with a long lifespan.

Clasps & Strengtheners

When creating or repairing your dental prosthetic, we have a variety of clasps and strengtheners.

All materials ADA approved
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